YANGGUANG (阳光) means sunlight in Chinese


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Want to learn a foreign language to grow your career? Want to continue to improve Chinese? Travel to China soon?  Learn useful Chinese at this club.

Spring 2019 classes to start in March. Check out here!

  •       beginnER class            to interact in a simple way provided the other person talks slowly                  

  •       Intermediate class     to deal with most situations when traveling in china     

  •       Advanced class           to express ideas fluently without much obvious searching for words


Min xiong, MBA

Program Director & Principal Instructor

Min Xiong became a Chinese language instructor for foreign adults in 2007. Her students include journalists, international organisation staff, engineers and more. She completed more than 200 language interpretation sessions to business executives, congressmen and senior government officials. She successfully hosted numerous events connecting China and America. A journalist-turned entrepreneur, Min is active with the business activities between US and China. She is certified by Chinese National Mandarin Test.  She holds Master of Business Administration from Georgetown University. Fudan University is her Chinese Alma Mater. 


What Students Say

Min is patient and encouraging, and you can tell she genuinely enjoys teaching. I’ve taken the beginner and beginner-intermediate Mandarin classes with her and definitely recommend them! I went from being a complete beginner to reading characters and having a conversation in Mandarin.
— Katie A.
This beginner’s class helped me with pronunciation and basic grammar. I also got unique tips to understand some of the characters
— Francisco M.
Min is a really great teacher. She prepares valuable lessons that are customized to Chinese situations with my wife’s family. Gives hand outs on the days lesson and to practice at home from. She is always well prepared and takes the time to make sure I understand the lesson and have the correct pronunciation. I highly recommend her to anyone trying to learn Chinese from the very beginning like me.
— Dan S.
In my advanced Chinese sessions we reviewed readings relevant to my interests with emphasis on learning new vocabulary. The classes were always fun!
— Elaine Z.

learning resources & fun readings

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  • Language Practice Invitation to China Forum at Landon School on February 11 2018 more

  • Chinese Language Test: HSK Level 1 sample test (test on page 7-15, answer on page 20) download

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